Title 24

Here at Wilson Brothers Roofing, we care about the environment and our community’s well being.  We work hard to stay abreast with the Energy Commission’s energy standards that pertain to our specialty- roofing.

All of the manufacturers that we work with offer Title 24 compliant materials.  In 2005, the state of California instated an energy code known as the Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.  This code essentially provides for cooler roofing systems.  A “Cool Roof” is beneficial both to the resident as well as to the environment; cool roofs save both money and energy.

Cool roofs can cut building owners' energy costs. Because cool roofs gain less heat than normal roofs, they reduce the need for air conditioning making buildings more comfortable to the people inside.

Cool roofs have other benefits, too. For building owners they can cut maintenance costs and increase the life expectancy of the roof. And for society in general, cool roofs can even help to reduce the urban heat island effect that makes our cities hotter and produces unhealthy air.


At Wilson Brothers Roofing, Inc., we are dedicated to adhering to the Energy Commission’s energy standards by providing Title 24 compliant products & installation without compromising durability, aesthestics, and value in your roof.